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This page is dedicated to the works of
Jˇna R˙na Kvaran


Dandelion┤s blossom has ceased to exist
The strands of life have broken.
Cries of the heart harshly persist
A humble soul has been taken.

Sad I sit by a picture of you
Painful the sorrow and grieve.
Almighty Lord the mind will renew
A suffering mourner┤s relieve.

A colourful Dandelion carried away
Alone must answer the call.
I look for you in love┤s bright ray
The light and truth befalls.

Silent and sad my voice is weak
Saying farewell to my loss.
Mournfully seeing a soul so meek
And making the sign of the Cross.

You have left for the lands of peace
Freed from life’s hard labour.
You will give the grieving ease
Working for God our Saviour.

Luminous angels lead the way
Long is Man’s last run.
Soon will come a shining day
High above the sun.

The power of hope is persistently strong
Chains of pain it breakes.
Beautiful are the savoured songs
Eternity silently makes.

In the Giver┤s meek and merciful arms
All my wounds are healed.
When the shining sun alarms
My love for you is sealed.

To my husband,
Ăvar R.Kvaran, actor, writer and lawyer,
who died on the 7th of January 1994

   Written by: Jˇna R˙na Kvaran

   Translated by: NÝna R˙na Kvaran