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Inspired by the Terrorist Attacks

Tuesday 11th September 2001

The world is so weary and so full of pain,
The truth is so ugly and vile.
The living, they languish in outpours of rain,
Lost is the Sun with her smile.

Darkness is looming and death is around,
Dreadful the fuel-filled spears.
Sorrowful souls that so cruelly were bound,
Surely deserve all our tears.

Around us the world, it goes steadily wrong,
Vengeance is easily spread.
Hatred is human kind’s ancient old curse,
Wounds of the harmless have bled.

God’s love is endless and all of us are,
Alone and yet of His sheep.
For many a sinner His arm stretches far,
Souls of the lost may He keep.

Sisters and brothers shall ask of the Lord
That clamor of weapons be ceased.
Prejudice’s force is a powerful sword,
Pain keeps the Devil most pleased.

Evil and awesome a blasphemous scheme,
Astounded the world lives in fright.
Father forgive those who had such a dream,
The fires of freedom be bright.

15th September 2001

Written by: NÝna R˙na Kvaran