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This page is dedicated to the works of
Jˇna R˙na Kvaran.

Welcome to our New Website!

She was born on the 13th of December, 1952 in Iceland┤s capital city ReykjavÝk, where she lives and works. Mrs. Kvaran is a woman of many talents and her work in various fields is quite well-known in Iceland.

She is an extremely gifted psychic and is highly respected as such in Iceland. Through deep insight and her strong link to the other side, Mrs.Kvaran has been able to help literally thousands of Icelanders in the quest to find and honour their inner spirit.

She is also a published writer and journalist and has extensive experience in radio work. She has graciously allowed that some of her written work be published on this site for the benefit of all who wish to use her “words of wisdom” to better their lives.

This site is currently under construction, so please bear with us and hopefully you will have access to more of Mrs.Kvaran’s work and more information on her in a very short period of time.


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